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Dear Sensei DeValentino,
Thank you for sending me the extra DVD.  I appreciate.  The Cardio Kickboxing® DVD's are great.  I am enjoying them!!  Thank you once again.

Débora Borgas-Agostini

September 28, 2005


Dear Marcus,

You asked how I came to your web site.   I was looking for a cardio web site and yours came up and I must say I'm glad I found it.  I did receive your tape Wednesday, very quick I might add. The workout was excellent, I'm 53 years old. 
I was a runner for 10 years and had to quit around 8 years ago.  I took up Tae Bo and found it was better than running.  From 8 years until now I would say I must have bought at least close to 200 boxing and kickboxing tapes, not to mention what I gave away, sold, or got bored with.  
I am always looking for new fitness kickboxing tapes through Amazon, Ciavideo, Collega, Cathe Fredrich, etc. so when I get them I look up the instructors web site and buy more.   I get bored easily so I do between 1 - 2 hrs per day, 7 days a week. 
When I worked out with your tape this A.M.,  it felt like I  was in the class.  You kinda remind me of Billy Blanks 8 years ago, with his class sweating, now his tapes are just for money.  I still buy them but I could kick my self for doing it, cause they all repeat themselves, and he still makes up as he goes along.
How come you didn't put your tapes on infomercial like Billy?  I guarantee you, you will see, I am definitely going to buy more of your videos.   I got the More Power vol. 3 now.  I want hard, sweat and one hour or more in a workout.  Are you going to make more in the future?  

Thanks a lot
Gail Smith, New Jersey

September 29, 2005

Dear Mr. DeValentino,

Thank you very much for the video.  I was searching for Cardio Kickboxing® DVDs on the Internet and your website seemed to have most of what I was looking for.
I'm in the Navy and started cardio kickboxing when I was deployed on the USS Abraham Lincoln.  I did it for 3 months or so and I got into great shape, not to mention losing 15 pounds.
I just received the DVD's also and had to try one.  I didn't  think I should start with Volume 5 so I did the other one and its wonderful!  Exactly what I was looking for! I had so much fun and I got such a great workout.  I'm going to recommend it to all of my friends, I know they'll love it as well.
Anyway good luck on returning home to Hawaii.  Again, thank you SO much.

Krystal Chapa
Wahiawa, Hawaii

September 14, 2005



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