I appreciate your contacting the original registered Program that started the fitness kickboxing craze.  Congratulations in advance on your endeavor to become a nationally certified Cardio Kickboxing instructor where motivation meets fitness and quality of life.
The on site program is the real time alternative to the distance learning program.  Although I have licensed the American Fitness Professionals and Associates to offer the program as a distance learning certification I prefer to train in person at certification workshops that include choreography, two years national certification, continuing education credits, music CD's, workout and instructional DVDs, beautiful certificates of completion plus wallet card and available health fitness newsletter monthly, hands on training with personal feed back, and the privilege of meeting you. 
The logistics and financing of a facilitator sponsored trip for the Cardio Kickboxing® instructor program is normally worked out between your facilitator, University Fitness Department, local fitness club director, or travel agent and myself.  An invitation to conduct a Cardio Kickboxing® training workshop in your city would be a thrill and an honor.
Be so kind as to consult with your fitness faculty or have them contact me via my website.  My rate for you and the 10 minimum participants from your activity or area fitness clubs would be only $200 per person.  That is a discount of over fifty percent.  You may also select the Paypal Credit feature and purchase with only $99 down and 6 months no interest to pay leisurely.

With due respect, I would also require lodging at a nearby hotel or campus guest housing for needed rest especially when time zone differential.
Once your agent or point of contact has given me the dates in advance (that would at least include at minimum of an arrival on Friday a.m. and a departure on Sunday p.m.) that would work mutually. 
Registrations should thus be completed within thirty days of the actual workshop as I would need to prepare the appropriate amount of materials, and make our training a success. 
NOTE:  Registration forms will be modified to reflect your workshop.  After arrangements have been confirmed and posted to, please go back to our home page and click on the "CERTIFICATION" bar and follow the 2 simple steps for registration.
The actual workshop would require only a given Sunday for about seven very intense and exciting training hours.
I would certainly look forward to working with you and you would not be disappointed in the power of Cardio Kickboxing®.  Don't' be fooled by copycats, get the original Cardio Kickboxing® program.
Very respectfully,
Marcus DeValentino
Program Director, Owner,
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