Cardio Kickboxing® Music Mixes on CD

Over 10
COMPLIMENTARY Cardio Kickboxing® Music Mix CDs
to set your workout on fire!
Included with the purchased CKB Instructor package... WHOAH!!

On average between 135-145 BPM these pre-mixed, mind blowing, power surging
dance, trance, house, and electronic classics will have your workout
totally fired up". There are no down time pauses, no adjusting to
the curve is required, and they all have an encore cut at the end.


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I received it (Your website Cardio Kickboxing® DVD package) today.  Thank you so much.  Please keep me posted of your sale.  SO far, I like the music.  It's great.  I'm sure the DVD will be good too.  I am a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor and have been teaching for almost 10 years now.  I came across your website by accident and watched the clip and I liked it.  I was just going to buy 1 tape and really glad that I bought the package.  I have been listening to your music and it's awesome.  This will blow my students away!   Also the choreography are so simple.  Can't wait to finish watching all DVD volumes.  I will definitely share the other instructors your site. 

Maria Thornhill
Teaneck, NJ

January 11, 2011






Another happy customer!!

Aloha Marcus!

Love the new music and am using it for the conditioning classes.  Everyone got a kick out of ending this mornings workout with 'Who Let the Dogs Out' as the encore cut.  The timing was perfect.  LOL

David Robbins
Team Cardio Kickboxing® Hawaii

April 21, 2008


COMPLIMENTARY Cardio Kickboxing® Music Mix CDs!
One of Seven Music Mix Workout CDs with each purchased CKB DVD... WHOAH!!



Cardio Kickboxing ®
"Maximum Power"

Diamonds mix
Distorted Dream
Silicone Jesus
Whats Up
Raving 2 da 5th
Only Time
Smooth Criminal


Cardio Kickboxing ®
"Full Power"

House Some More
Sand Storm
Feel the Beat
Drums of N.Y.
Who let the Dogs out



Cardio Kickboxing ®
"Absolute Power"

Blood is Pumping
Loops & Tings Relooped
Dance Valley Theme
Ultima Hora
The Flow
Come Inside
Whoomp There it is


Cardio Kickboxing ®


"All seven CDs not shown here--You will be surprised."


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