Power of Cardio Kickboxing®



Think you've seen them all?  This is perhaps the first of fitness kickboxing video series to present a live non-edit kick butt performance by a certified team of authentic instructors with their team captain, Marcus DeValentino.  Marcus' teaching and technique is based on "Martial Arts" and never copied.  You will be amazed at the distinction and effectiveness of MOTIVATION.


Vol. 3 "FIRE IT UP"


From start to finish this is the real workout with real people and real results plus live testimonials.  No sporadic, ballistic, bouncy choreography that races through moves that you might not even complete.  This is a beginner to intermediate level challenge with practical moves emphasizing form, style, balance, speed, control, and power to get the job done safely and effectively.  This video features a bonus DeValentino martial arts trailer towards the end.  It's time to FIRE IT UP.





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