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FRANK THIBOUTOT, renowned for his contributions to the professional sport of kickboxing, is the creator of the Cardio Kickboxing® workout. His involvement in every aspect of the martial arts for over three decades includes guiding the careers of a number of world-rated fighters, most notably, current world bantamweight and featherweight champion, Danny Melendez. From these experiences, he has adapted the training routines of professional fighters as well as the leading experts in the fitness industry, to develop his own program which combines cardiovascular conditioning exercises with valuable self-defense training that will benefit all fitness and ability levels. The punches and kicks are authentic, fun, and guaranteed to get results at any age. This video is a knockout!

United Fighting Systems (UFS) rated the Cardio Kickboxing® Video a "94" - one of the highest ratings ever awarded.


  • Segment I: Fundamentals
  • Segment II: A Workout without Equipment
  • Segment III: A Workout with Equipment

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"Provides a solid - and genuinely enjoyable - program of kicking and boxing techniques that is well suited to beginners and intermediate-level athletes alike."
- Billboard Magazine

"Cardio Kickboxing® classes are being formed all across the country where people with high stress jobs are able to blow off a little steam and get a workout at the same time."
- Wireless Flash News

"Provides excellent instruction in basic boxing and kickboxing techniques."
- Shape Magazine

"A full body workout that lets you take out frustrations while you take off pounds."
- Men's Health

"Well designed circuit training format that allows fitness buffs to train like a fighter but without getting hit."
- Mike Sawyer, ISKA Commissioner

"Incorporates the excitement of kickboxing with all the fitness benefits of training for the ring."
- Bruce Marshall, Promoter

"It's a must. If you want to get in shape, build self-confidence, and train like a world champion, start now!"
- Jacob Duran, Trainer

(54 Minutes. Color. Produced by Sport Karate, Inc.)

ORDER THE CARDIO KICKBOXING® VIDEO: $19.95 per video, $3.95 Shipping & Handling (US$6.95 for International Orders) plus $1.00 S&H each additional video. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. (Sorry, because of piracy NO refunds).

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Danny Melendez, World Champion


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