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Cardio Kickboxing® is a registered trademark, Reg. No. 1,890,451, 1995.
Use of the name without permission is prohibited.


      Cardio Kickboxing®, TaeBo, Cardio Karate. Aren’t they all the same but, only with different names?

      No.  Cardio Kickboxing® is the original U.S. trademarked fitness kickboxing workout that started the craze.  It has been, and still is based on the concepts of sport karate or, kickboxing that was known back in the seventies as “Full Contact Karate”.  We also introduced the concept of training with the actual equipment e.g. heavy bags, gloves, hand wraps, skip ropes, speed bags, etceteras although now, there are literally thousands of hybrid programs and many that also call themselves “Cardio Kickboxing®”.  What Cardio Kickboxing®, TaeBo, and Cardio Karate all have in common is that they are all registered trademarks protected by law.

      I have no experience with this type of workout. Can I do this?

      Yes.  Get your physician’s approval, find a qualified instructor, observe his/her session or try it out. Listen to the instructions and watch the technique for a safe and effective workout.  Be patient and understand that martial arts technique at first seems very awkward.  This does not mean that you are not getting it but, rather different muscles are learning to work differently.  Do your best but, take breaks for H20 and pulse check as necessary.  You will improve with each session.

      I am not flexible and cannot kick high. Does this disqualify me from the CK workout?

      No.  Your flexibility and range of motion will gradually increase with the workouts, the stretching, and cool down.  The instructor might be a high kicker to demonstrate the skill and results of hard work but, this is mostly to inspire you and not to discourage you.  In the meantime there are modifications to high kicks such as knee raises or low kicks that still work the same leg and hip muscles.  Just remember that a low kick is just as effective as a high kicks.

      Can I loose weight with the Cardio Kickboxing® program?

      Yes.  Muscle and Fitness Magazine has rated Cardio Kickboxing® as the top fat burning workout at an average of 1000 calories per hour.  Results may vary.  Some have reported an average weight loss of ten pounds per month.  Click HERE to see our testimonials.

      Will I gain weight with the Cardio Kickboxing® Program?

      Not necessarily however, it should be understood that Cardio Kickboxing® has a strength conditioning component that produces lean muscle. Lean muscle weighs more than fat but, burns more calories than fat.  It is possible to initially gain during this toning and firming phase that in turn, accelerates the metabolism.  This is facilitated with proper diet and lifestyle.

      How long does it take to get results with Cardio Kickboxing®?

      Results are almost immediate depending on the frequency, intensity, and duration of your workouts.  Within the first week you can look for an increase in energy level, the next week for a change in the way your clothes fit, and by the third week you may notice a difference on the scale.  Results may vary.

      I’m nationally certified fitness instructor. Do I need Cardio Kickboxing® Certification to teach CK?

      Yes.  Your group fitness certification in most cases is a prerequisite to the Cardio Kickboxing® certification since it does not include training for Cardio Kickboxing®.  This also depends on the company that you work or teach at.  Combining the two certifications will also add to your credibility as fitness professional.

      I am a martial artist. Do I still need the Cardio Kickboxing® Certification to teach the program?

      Yes.  With respect to the many kinds of martial arts, the stand up specialist e.g. kickboxing, karate, and kung fu stylists might have a foundation in the biomechanics of specific training or techniques related to the Cardio Kickboxing® program and thus have an aptitude to be proficient in skill and in teaching however, a Black Belt rank alone does not qualify one as a Cardio Kickboxing instructor.  A nationally certified group fitness instructor or trainer with a related martial arts background has the best of both worlds and should make a credible and skillful Cardio Kickboxing instructor.

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