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In 1992, I created the original Cardio Kickboxing ® workout that has since become one of the most successful exercise programs in both the fitness and martial arts industries during the last decade. In 1996, my company began certifying instructors to teach this  program.  We have since certified hundreds of instructors here in the U.S. and in a number of countries overseas.  In April of 1999, Marcus DeValentino became one of our instructors. It wasn’t long before he distanced himself from all of our instructors with his enthusiasm, integrity and ability to professionally conduct business.

 Marcus’s training and background in the martial arts is second to none. He is also without question the most talented fitness kickboxing instructor whom I have ever had the privilege of certifying. I have also respectfully participated in countless so-called “kickboxing” classes taught by presenters not affiliated with our organization and I have to contend that he is heads above them as well. His personality enthusiastically spreads to all the participants during his demanding workouts.  Subsequently, we licensed him to represent our program for the entire State of Hawaii.  His strong work continues to be extraordinary.  He has conducted a number of workshops and certified close to three hundred instructors in a short period of time.  These instructors were not simply awarded certificates for attendance, but have proved to be the type of quality instructors we are proud to have represent our program in the marketplace and fitness industry.


Not only has Marcus demonstrated that he is a great leader and motivator as an instructor, he also has exceptional organizational skills. His knowledge and experience working within the fitness industry made him the perfect choice as our Program Director for Cardio Kickboxing®.  I am proud to have him as the person who was selected to carry the torch.  He is an exceptional individual, business associate and above all a friend.


Frank Thiboutot, President


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